Hazrulyahud Bhasma

Hazrulyahud BhasmaPrepared chiefly from Hazrulyahud herb, Baidyanath Hazrulyahud Bhasma helps in correcting various diseases or disorders associated with the urinary system of the body. Hence, it can be used by such people who suffer from urinary tract infections or such other issues in routine life. It is due to presence of certain properties in Hazrulyahud herb from which it has been prepared.

How is Hazrulyahud Bhasma useful?

Hazrulyahud Bhasma is apt in soothing down acidity and hyperacidity in the stomach. It is attributed to presence of antacid properties in this wonderful remedy.

It can be used to remove stones from the urinary and gall bladder. It is due to presence of lithic properties in Hazrulyahud Bhasma.

  1. Suppressed urinary secretion can be stimulated to flow normally with the help of this product. It aids in regulation of urine flow through the urinary organs.
  1. It offers effective relief from burning sensation felt during urination.
  1. Similarly, it is apt in relieving itching, irritation and inflammation in the urinary organs.

How to use?

Depending upon the severity of the problem and type of urinary issue faced by the concerned person, 375 to 750 mg of Hazrulyahud Bhasma may be taken with milk in a day.

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