B-Gap – contraceptive pill


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These pills help as follows:

  1. They act as birth controller and prevent unwanted / unplanned pregnancy by up to six months.
  2. These contraceptive pills help in preventing birth of offspring to great extent.
  3. Based on the ayurvedic principles; these pills form a salty layer on the ovum and inhibit the fertilization of ovum by sperm.
  4. It does not contain harmful hormones that often put side effects upon the women’s health.
  5. It is useful in planning the pregnancy as per the couple’s preferences.
  6. The women do not gain any extra weight with their use.
  7. No hormonal disturbances are reported with their use.
  8. There is no chance of infection or pain during menses.

How to use – B Gap tablets may be taken on the fifth day after end of the menses. They must be swallowed early morning with water without taking anything. Intercourse may be avoided for one week.

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