Coconut Hair Wash-150 ml for hair wash


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As is clear from the name Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash has been prepared from coconut. The benefits of coconut for hairs are known to all. Hence this hair wash is also beneficial for hairs of human beings in numerous ways as given hereunder.

  1. Nurtures the hairs and the scalp with the goodness of coconut
  2. Retains natural hair color
  3. Cleanses hairs and the scalp of all wastes, debris, chemicals and toxins
  4. Strengthens the hairs from their roots
  5. Prevents hair loss and hair fall
  6. Prevents dryness and roughness of the hairs by retaining natural hair moisture

Coconut Hair Wash doesn’t cause any harm to the hairs. Rather it is totally a safe formula.

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