Constipation – Y-LAX TABLETS


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One of the most common digestive issues in human beings i.e. constipation can be managed well using Y-Lax tablets. Rich in mild laxative action, it is a homeopathic medicine that is safe for the human body in all respects. Benefits of this medicine are as follows.

  1. Body is completely detoxified
  2. Regulates the bowel movements
  3. Relieves heaviness of the stomach
  4. Offers relief from gaseousness, flatulence and such other problems caused due to constipation
  5. Ensures normal peristalsis movements
  6. Offers relief from headache or heaviness of the head due to constipation
  7. Reduces dryness of the mucus membranes

Y-Lax tablets may be used by anyone suffering from constipation without the risk of any side-effects.

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