Divya Dhara for headache, cough, toothache


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Many persons make use of traditional medicines for various diseases. Few of such treatments usually result in side effects.

Divya Dhara; the wonderful gift by the Yoga Guru helps as under:

  • It is useful in saying NO to muscular spasms, headache and insomnia.
  • Those suffering from insect bites and skin rashes are benefited with its use.
  • Available in the form of liquid; Divya Dhara is the wonderful formulation that gives instant relief from painful sensations in the teeth and coughing.
  • Persons suffering from ear pain and chest congestion are advised to take divya dhara.
  • Diseases including bacterial infection and virus intervention are also got rid of with this medicine.
  • Persons suffering from throat infections are also benefited with it.

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