Divya Sphatika Bhasm for leucoderma


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Various problems as under are settled with this medicine:

  1. It helps to say NO to inflammations.
  2. Dry as well as wet cough is got rid of with its use.
  3. Those suffering from asthma musts try it.
  4. Persons challenged with pneumonia also get sufficient relief.
  5. Enriched with the purifying effects; this formulation is useful in detoxifying the body.
  6. Urination tract is also strengthened with its even use. It helps in managing the three Doshas in the body.
  7. It is useful in getting rid of diabetes mellitus.
  8. Various types of skin disorders are settled with its use. Those suffering from leprosy are cured well.
  9. Asthmatic patients must try it.
  10. The anti microbial features of this medicine help in saying NO to various problems.
  11. Whooping cough in the children is cured with its use.
  12. Those suffering from plague must try it.
  13. Diseases including malaria, fevers, eye problems, wound disinfection and excessive menstrual bleeding are also set aright with its use.

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