Divya stri rasayan vati For Menstrual problems, menstrual cycle, natural menstrual relief


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Divya Stri Rasayan Vati gifted by Swami Ram Dev Ji helps as under:

  1. Relief form menstrual cycle problem is ensured with this medicine.
  2. Discomfort during menstruation is also provided.
  3. Problems like headache and lower pelvis pain are got rid of with its use.
  4. Ill effects of irregular periods are got rid of.
  5. Blood clots can be prevented with its use.
  6. Relief from hormonal changes is possible with it.
  7. Those suffering from mood swings, depression, irritability and other problems due to menopause are suggested to try Stri Rasayan Vati.

It is useful in curing leucorrhea.

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