Fe-min Tablets – Iron Deficiency Anaemia


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Enriched with the goodness of iron, Fe-min Tablets are an apt solution for such people who complain of anemia due to deficiency of iron in the body. Unlike other medicines available in the market, Fe-min Tablets are totally safe owing to their homeopathic origin. These tablets are useful in following conditions.

  1. Make up for deficiency of iron in the body
  2. Promotes formation of hemoglobin in the blood
  3. Formation of red blood cells paced up
  4. Relieves headache, vertigo and dizziness
  5. Compensates for physical weakness due to anemia
  6. Strengthens and rejuvenates all the body cells and tissues

Fe-min Tablets may be used in the form of iron supplements without the risk of any side-effects or adverse effects on the overall well-being.

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