Femiplex for leucorrhea, white vaginal discharge


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Leucorrhoea, the yellowish vaginal discharge can be set aright with Femiplex that helps as under:

  1. It is one of the best treatments for Leucorrhoea that is cured well its even use.
  2. Ill effects like weakness and back pain can be managed well with regular use of Femiplex.
  3. Those suffering from itching or other ill effects of leucorrhoea are benefited with this medicine.
  4. Overall health of the women can be improved with Femiplex that helps in balancing the hormones.
  5. All diseases associated with the uterus are set aright with regular use of Femiplex.
  6. Proper menstrual cycles are ensured with this medicine that helps in managing the reproductive issues too.
  7. Mental problems because of leucorrhoea are also set aright. Mood swings, anxiety and stress are cured well. Uterus circulation is ensured with this medicine that helps in stimulatory activity on the endomerium.
  8. The astringent properties help in improving mucous membrane.
  9. It works well on the reproductive area.

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