Ginkgo biloba 1X For Insufficient Cerebral Circulation


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Prepared from Ginkgo biloba as the chief component, Ginkgo biloba 1X is a wonderful homeopathic medicine that aids in optimizing the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain cells. This in turn ensures normal brain functions. It can be used in following ways for good health of the brain.

  1. Enhances memory and concentration
  2. Relieves vertigo and such other feelings caused due to reduced or obstructed supply of blood and oxygen to the brain cells
  3. Makes available all the essential nutrients required for normal and most optimal brain functions
  4. Improves and regulates flow of blood and oxygen to the entire brain
  5. Allows a person to have proper rest and sleep

Ginkgo biloba is an amazing product that can be used by anyone suffering from insufficient cerebral circulation.

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