Gokshuradi guggulu for Ayurvedic medicine


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Waste products in our body are flushed out through the urine that is thrown out by the kidneys. Many persons suffer from disordered system.

Goksuradi is beneficial as under:

  1. It strengthens the prostate and the kidneys.
  2. The urinary tract is detoxified with this guggulu.
  3. Stone formation is decreased with is use.
  4. Enlarged prostate can be managed well with it.
  5. Chronic renal failure is also checked with it.
  6. Sexual power can be enhanced with it.
  7. This wonderful Guggulu helps in cystitis, micturation, incontinence and premature ejaculations.
  8. It is useful for the diabetic patients too.
  9. This guggulu acts like a strong tonic.

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