Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)


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Many persons suffer from various diseases due to different reasons. Traditional medicines sometimes put adverse impacts.

Gulkand, the wonderful formulation helps as follows:

  1. It is useful for getting rid of constipation.
  2. Those suffering from fatigue or muscle pains are advised to take it.
  3. Persons affected with lethargy or inflammation must try Gulkand.
  4. Prepared from the rose petals; it does not put any side effects.
  5. It helps to improve our immunity.
  6. Those suffering from biliousness, itching and heat related problems must try Gulkand.
  7. This formulation works wonders for our Pitta.
  8. Women suffering from menstrual problems are benefited with its use.
  9. It acts like a cooling agent and controls hemorrhage and nose bleeding etc.
  10. Those challenged with blood vomiting are benefited.
  11. It is useful for ill effects of abortions.

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