Health pack for Fibromyalgia Treatments


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Pain caused due to fibromyalgia may be treated and prevented in an apt way with the help of some natural treatment options as given below.

  1. Practice yoga regularly to strengthen the muscular system
  2. Meditation is equally effective
  3. Opt for acupuncture technique
  4. Consume milk to which turmeric has been added
  5. Stay hydrated by drinking water and other healthy liquids
  6. Application of kerosene oil and olive oil is recommendable
  7. Warm vinegar may be used topically
  8. Massaging with Spiegel seeds is also suggestible
  9. Raw ginger slices may be consumed
  10. Garlic is also an effective remedy in this case

By opting for these simple but effective remedies, anyone may get rid of discomfort caused due to fibromyalgia.


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