Health pack for Hyperthyroidism


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Hyper means ‘over’ and thyroidism means ‘activity of thyroid gland’. It means hyperthyroidism is a disorder under which the thyroid gland undergoes over-activity. This in turn results in over-secretion of hormones by the thyroid gland. This condition can be managed well by paying attention to following points.

  • Have a well-balanced and healthy diet incorporating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals and pulses
  • Foods such as sausage, sodas, hamburgers and those rich in iodine must be avoided
  • Physical activity in the form of exercises is vital to ensure normal activity of thyroid gland
  • Meditation and yoga do wonders in management of hyperthyroidism

Even though you suffer from hyperthyroidism, you may still enjoy good health by taking care of certain points

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