Health Pack For Schizophrenia


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Experience of different types of mental states by a person is referred to as Schizophrenia. It is a condition under which the patient may experience mental states including hallucinations, cognitive impairments, problems in speech and delusions. By taking care of some points, the symptoms associated with this psychological condition may be prevented to considerable extent.

  1. Nutritious and well-balanced diet is must for normal brain functions
  2. Intake of plenty of water is also essential for the purpose of detoxification
  3. Exercising is equally important to improve blood flow to the brain cells
  4. Mental stress, tension and such other states need to be avoided
  5. Protection against cold weather conditions is must
  6. Proper rest and sleep is a must

The brain and the entire nervous system may be stimulated to work in the most excellent way this way.

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