Health Package For Oligospermia / Male Impotence


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Inability of men to take active part in the process of reproduction is referred to as oligospermia or male impotency. Obviously, it is serious condition that needs to be prevented by taking all possible measures as given below.

  1. Nutritious and well-balanced diet helps in prevention of this condition.
  2. Give up or abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  3. Saffron may be taken along with milk or in any other form to enhance sperm count as well as motility of the sperms.
  4. Similarly, asparagus herb also proves to be beneficial in this case. It may be taken in the form of supplements too.
  5. Try to avoid mental stress, tension and depression as all these have a negative impact on the reproductive capacity in men.
  6. Sesame oil massage aids in improvement of blood flow to the genitals and the reproductive organs.

These are all natural modes of oligospermia prevention.

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