Homoeopathic Formula ‘D’ Tablets For Skin Care


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Homoeopathic Formula ‘D’ Tablets are meant for complete skin care in a natural and safe manner. These tablets prove to be quite useful for those who suffer from certain skin issues in routine life. Uses of this product are as follows.

  1. Combats skin allergies and inflammations in an apt way
  2. Detoxifies the skin internally
  3. Removes acne, pimples and dark blemishes from the skin
  4. Lightens the skin complexion so as to improve the same
  5. Tones up the skin
  6. Softens and smoothens the skin
  7. Enhances natural glow and shine on the skin
  8. Apt for management of skin issues such as dryness, scaling and hives

Homoeopathic Formula ‘D’ Tablets are a complete solution for almost all types of skin issues.

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