Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets for Prostate


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Based on homeopathic medicine system, Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets offer great relief from prostate enlargement suffered by large section of men population. The benefits of these tablets include-

  • Relief from painful urination
  • Apt relief from prostate gland hypertrophy
  • Reduction in the enlarged size of prostate
  • Prevention of abnormal growths in the body cells
  • Regulation of normal urine flow
  • Relief from dribbling of urination
  • Enhanced supply of blood and oxygen to the prostate gland
  • Maintenance of normal hormonal balance in the body

Keeping in mind all these benefits of Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets for Prostate, men suffering from any prostatic issues are advised to use these tablets and enjoy good health in all respects.

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