Ayurvedic Dant Kanti Junior Dental Toothpaste (2 X 100gm)




Dental care is definitely important for all. But it is very much important for kids. It is because kids are at their developing age and all their body parts are delicate. That is why it is very much important to take proper and complete care of all the body parts in the very beginning. Same holds particularly true for teeth, gums and other dental parts. Any damage cause to the dental parts during childhood may cause great harm to the overall health of the teeth in the long run.

As far as dental care is concerned, cleaning of the teeth, gums and in fact the entire mouth is very much important. To accomplish this task well, it is quite important to use some good quality and reliable tooth paste right from the childhood. Keeping in mind the same fact, an excellent dental care product called as Dant Kanti Junior. It is an absolutely herbal product that allows users to enjoy overall well-being of their teeth and keep the same in good health and good condition even during later years of life.

What are the features of Dant Kanti Junior?

  • It is a safe dental care formula for kids.
  • Its taste is good and liked by the kids.
  • It works quickly on the teeth.
  • The packaging is very nice and attractive.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It is totally harmless for the kids.

What it contains?

Dant Kanti Junior is rich in herbal or natural ingredients including saunf, meswak, Pudina, cardamom, babul etc. All these are beneficial for the health of dental parts and hence used in the manufacturing of this product.

How to use?

Just apply small quantity equivalent to a peanut on the toothbrush and let your kids or little ones brush their teeth with it. Children should use it twice in a day in the morning as well as at bed time. It promotes good health of the teeth and gums by prevention of numerous issues automatically.

Why is use of Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior recommendable?

Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior is recommended to be used by kids and children owing to some of the most distinct benefits to the users. The major advantages offered by this herbal dental cream to the users are as mentioned below.

  1. It is a very good dental care formula for children. It may be used by children to keep their teeth in good health and good condition for long time.
  2. The herbs contained in this dental care product allow children to have problem-free teeth and gums. It aids in keeping numerous dental issues suffered by children at bay.
  3. Problem of tooth decay that is commonly found in children and is caused due to multiple reasons is managed in a very effective way. It prevents tooth decay in children and allows them to have completely healthy teeth.
  4. In the similar manner, problem of dental cavities is treated and prevented in kids. It helps in completely cleaning the teeth so that no particles or leftovers may remain inside the teeth gaps. As a result of this, the problem of cavities is prevented in an automatic way. It also keeps the teeth of children free of microbes so that no harm may be caused to the teeth and gums in any ways.
  5. The antimicrobial action exhibited by this dental care formula helps in keeping numerous infections related to the teeth and gums at bay. Thus kids may keep on enjoying overall good health of the dental parts in a natural manner.
  6. Regular use of this dental cream meant for children helps in keeping their teeth neat and clean in all respects.
  7. The natural herbs present in this herbal tooth paste aids in supplying all the essential nutrients including minerals to the teeth. Minerals such as fluorine, calcium and phosphorus that are most important for growth and normal functions of the teeth are readily supplied by this herbal dental care product. Hence normal growth of teeth is assured in an automatic way.
  8. Pain caused in the teeth or gums owing to any reasons is also relieved in an effective way. It soothes down the pain in an easy way.
  9. Similarly, inflammation in the teeth and gums is also got ridden of using this wonderful dental care product. It is attributed to anti-inflammatory action of this formula for teeth.
  10. The roots \f teeth are strengthened. As a result of this, children are able to enjoy good health of the teeth.
  11. Unlike other dental products for children that are accessible in the market Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior is absolutely safe and chemical-free. It is totally based on herbs and natural ingredients found in the nature.

Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior is a one-stop solution for total dental care as well problems faced by children related to the teeth and gums.