Lakshadi Guggul for healing broken bones


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Many persons suffer from disorders related to their bones and joints. They must take Lakshadi Guggulu that benefits as follows:

  1. Disorders related with one’s bones and joints are got rid of with its use.
  2. Cardiac disorders, general weakness and debility are maintained with this guggulu.
  3. Various parts of the body get strengthened with its use.
  4. Tumorous growth in any part of the body is checked.
  5. Those suffering from inflammation, anemia or diabetes must try this guggulu.
  6. Blood is detoxified in a big way with its use.
  7. Skin ailments are also managed with this gugulu.
  8. Healthy metabolism can be ensured with its use.
  9. It acts like a strong rejuvenator and maintains our immune system with greater strength.
  10. Sperm count in the men is improved with its use.

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