Leucorrhoea and Associated Symptoms – Pelvorin Tablets


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Pelvorin Tablets are recommendable for women suffering from the problem of leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge. Owing to homeopathic nature and origin of these tablets, these are absolutely safe for the overall good health of the women in all respects. This product offers below mentioned benefits to the women.

  1. Treats and prevents vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea in women
  2. Aids in getting rid of foul smell from the vagina
  3. Kills microbes responsible for leucorrhea
  4. Helps in getting rid of physical weakness caused due to leucorrhoea
  5. Relieves pain in the abdomen, uterus, pelvic area and lower back

Pelvorin Tablets prove to be the most excellent solution for the problem of leucorrhoea.

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