Mahatriphala Ghri for eye disorder


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Eyes, the vital parts of our body must be saved from any damages. Many people suffer from eye problems and generally take traditional medicines. Few of them put side effects.

Mahatriphla Dhrit is useful as under:

  1. It helps in improving our eye sight to great extent.
  2. Any eye problem is managed well with its use.
  3. Those suffering from itching, redness or irritation in their eyes must try it.
  4. Mahatriphla Dhrit is helpful in giving relaxation from tiredness of our eyes.\
  5. It helps to give relief from strain.
  6. It acts like a strong detoxifier and removes the toxins etc.
  7. Diseases like glaucoma and cataract are got rid of with its use.
  8. The antibiotic features of this medicine free the eyes form infection, bacteria and inflammation etc.

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