Mandur Bhasma for Anemia


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This wonderful blend works well in the following conditions:

  1. It acts like a strong booster for our kidneys. Those suffering from any problem with kidneys must make use of this product that frees them from any disease.
  2. Liver problems are also set aright with its use. It helps to detoxify the body that is freed from any toxins or harmful elements.
  3. Known as Ferric Oxide Calx, this formulation helps in saying NO to enlarged spleen, menorrhagia and dyspepsia.
  4. Those suffering from nervous disorders and anemia must take it evenly.
  5. Diseases including anemia, chlorosis and diarrhea are also managed well with its use.
  6. Those suffering from sexual disorders, intestinal worms, dysmenorrheal and general debility must use it.
  7. Diseases like albuminuria, jaundice and bowel problems are also set aright with its use.

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