Patanjali Badam Pak 500gm


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Our physique needs nutrients, iron and minerals that make it strong enough. Many persons suffer from their deficiency.

Badam Pak; the wonderful formulation is prepared by crushing the pure almonds in even manners. It benefits as under:

  1. Those suffering from deficiency of natural supplements in their brain are benefited to great extent.
  2. It acts like a strong tonic for our body including our brain.
  3. Contents of vitamin E and nutrients in this formulation work wonders.
  4. It provides strength to the body cells.
  5. Deficiency of protein in the body is fulfilled with use of Badam Pak.
  6. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are lowered with this Pak.
  7. Those suffering from sexual disorders must try it.
  8. Heart problems are also managed well with its use.

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