Rajat Bhasma for various purposes


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Rajat Bhasam helps in the following conditions:

  1. It is useful in giving relief from inflammation and pain.
  2. Vata and pitta doshas are set aright with its use.
  3. Diabetic mellitus is also managed well with it.
  4. Mental weakness and disabilities are set aright.
  5. Persons suffering from anemia and dry cough must make its use.
  6. It helps to treat fever.
  7. It is good for the people that suffer from insomnia.
  8. Mental problems like madness and epilepsy are cured well with its use.
  9. Weak bones are strengthened in a big way.
  10. It is helpful for hiccups, eye disorders, low sperm count, skin disorders and indigestion.
  11. Those suffering from toxic substances in their body must try it.
  12. Treatment of anorexia nervosa and piles is also possible with its use.
  13. Diabetes mellitus is also cured with this product.

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