Rasamanikya for skin diseases


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Fair skin is a matter of great pride. Those suffering from any skin orders must try Rasmanikya that is beneficial as under:

  1. It helps to say NO to skin problems.
  2. Those suffering from ring worms must try it.
  3. Dry or wheeping eczema is got rid of with its use.
  4. It is helpful for saying NO to scabies.
  5. Diseases like psoriasis etc are set aright with its use.
  6. Persons affected with urticaria etc must try it.
  7. It helps in saying NO to dark spots.
  8. Those suffering from acne and pimples should use it.
  9. Rasmanikya helps in getting rid of blemishes.
  10. It is useful for treating rashes etc.
  11. Those intending to enjoy fair complexion must use it.

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