Patanjali Herbal Shave Gel – (It is not after shave) – 50 g

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Most men use shaving lotions and creams so as to get a clean and clear looking skin by removal of unnecessary hairs from the face. Due to presence of chemicals or other harm-causing agents in the shaving products available in the market, itching and irritation are quite common on the face after shaving. After removal of hairs from the skin through shaving, itching or irritation is but natural. To keep all such problems at bay, it is very much important to use an apt, safe and reliable product. It must be free from any irritation or itching on the skin.

Keeping in mind this need of millions of users globally, Patanjali Shaving Gel has been introduced and presented by the Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It is an excellent shaving product that helps in offering great glow and shine to the skin after shaving. It is in fact one among the most excellent shaving gel available in the market. It is made up of natural ingredients or herbs that are very much useful for the skin. The burning sensation caused on the skin due to shaving is also soothed down with the help of this herbal gel.

What is it comprised of?

Patanjali Shave Gel is enriched with the goodness of numbers of herbal constituents including Ghritkumari, Lemon Grass, Pudina, Neem, Tulsi and Haldi. All these are useful for the skin in multiple ways. It is totally a safe and reliable product that may be used by men for shaving purpose.

How to use?

Like any other shaving product, you need to apply Patanjali Shave Gel on wet face. Use a shaving brush to apply the gel on the face. Then rub gently so that the gel is spread all over the face. Remove the gel using a razor to get clean, clear and glowing skin. It is in fact a complete skin care product that helps in enhancing the natural beauty and glow on your face in an excellent way.

What are the features of Patanjali Shave Gel?

  • Patanjali Shave Gel is absolutely herbal or organic.
  • It is totally safe for the skin.
  • It is quite effective in removal of unwanted facial hairs.
  • It acts gently on the skin.
  • It is free from any chemicals.
  • No itching, irritation or burning sensation is caused on the skin due to use of this product.
  • Its consistency is good.
  • It forms good lather when applied on wet face.
  • It also improves facial glow and natural skin beauty.
  • Its smell is also good.
  • The packaging is very nice.
  • It is quite reasonable for the benefits offered to the users.

How is Patanjali Shave Gel advantageous for men?

Unquestionably, Patanjali Shave Gel is used to shave off the unwanted hairs from the facial skin. It aids in removal of extra hairs growing on the skin so that you may have clean and clear looking skin. Apart from removal of hairs from the skin, Patanjali Shave Gel is also useful or advantageous for the skin of the users in countless ways as given below.

  1. It is a very good and effective shaving formula that helps users to remove extra hairs from the skin of the face in a natural way.
  2. The skin is nourished very well with the help of natural ingredients present in this shaving gel. This in turn imparts an amazing glow to the skin. The skin cells are well-nourished using this herbal formula. Hence these are all nurtured well and rejuvenated.
  3. Any inflammation, itching or irritation caused on the skin due to any reasons is also soothed down using this herbal gel.
  4. It also helps in removal of dead skin cells and superficial layers. Thus fresh and healthy skin is exposed. This in turn allows users to have healthier skin in a natural manner.
  5. Any cuts or bruises on the skin are healed in a natural manner with the use of this shaving gel. It heals the injured skin naturally and automatically so that the users may be able to have problem-free skin.
  6. The skin of the users is made soft and smooth with the use of this shaving gel. Presence of ingredients including aloe Vera, neem, Tulsi and Haldi impart a softening effect to the skin.
  7. It prevents any cuts or bruises on the skin of the face so as to have great looking skin naturally.
  8. Patanjali Shave Gel is even suitable for people who have sensitive skin. It means this product can be used safely by such people as well that experience problems after using certain shaving products. This shaving gel helps in removal of hairs from sensitive skin as well in a totally reliable way.
  9. It is also a great moisturizing agent for the skin. Thus skin is hydrated naturally with the use of this shaving gel. This in turn protects your skin against unnecessary dryness or roughness.

Patanjali Shave Gel is a superb shaving product. It is in fact popular among men folk as it offers great benefit to the users.