Swarn Vasant Malti for fevers


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This formulation is useful in the following conditions:

  1. It benefits in chronic fevers.
  2. Treatment of asthma is possible with its use.
  3. Digestive tract is strengthened with this medicine that helps to say NO to indigestion and other stomach diseases.
  4. Healthy mind and body can be enjoyed with its use.
  5. Those suffering from leucorrhea must try it.
  6. Treatment of anemia, intestinal disorders, infections and pneumatic inflammations is possible with its use.
  7. Metabolism of the body is increased with its use.
  8. It helps in relieving tension and depression.
  9. Asthma, malaria, menstrual bleeding, diarrhoea, eye problems and pulmonary tuberculosis are got rid of with its use.

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