Swasari Ras For Asthma


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This product is beneficial as follows:

  1. It helps in saying NO to lung problems. Lungs become more active and strengthened.
  2. Supply of oxygen to lung cells is improved that helps them a lot. Lungs become more capable to consume more oxygen with its use.
  3. Infections in the body are removed with its use that acts like a strong detoxifier. It helps in saying NO to various infections that produce microbes from the bronchi and bronchioles.
  4. It is useful in saying NO to inflammation.
  5. Acting as an expectorant; it helps to remove phlegm that gets settled in the lungs. Further formation of phlegm is also prevented with its use.
  6. Those suffering from cold, coryza and cough must try it.
  7. It helps to treat sneezing, wheezing sounds and asthma.
  8. Those suffering from headaches must try it.
  9. Diseases like sinusitis etc are also got rid of with its use.

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