Tamra Bhasm for liver disorders


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This unique blend of herbal products helps in the following conditions;

  1. It is useful for indigestion and other diseases related with the stomach.
  2. Liver problems are also set aright.
  3. Those suffering from worm infestations, dysentery and diarrhea must try it.
  4. Diseases related with the intestines are managed well with its use.
  5. It is useful for heart problems, bones & joints and nervous disorders.
  6. Those suffering from general debility and weakened immune system must try it.
  7. Prepared with the herbal components; it does not produce any side effects.
  8. People of all ages and both sexes are able to improve their immune system and blood circulation by taking this medicine.
  9. It is good for the skin problems.
  10. It helps to fulfill the deficiency of copper in the body.

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