Tribang (Trivanga) Bhasm for increase body stamina


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Prepared with the herbal and metallic ingredients; this unique formulation benefits as follows:

  1. It is useful for providing support to the entire physique.
  2. The entire body is rejuvenated with its use.
  3. Those with low immune system must try it as it provides power and enables the body to fight the diseases in even manners.
  4. Physical strength of the body and its cells is improved.
  5. It acts like a strong booster for the parts of the body that start functioning in even manners.
  6. The body cells and tissues work in even manners.
  7. It acts like a strong tonic for the aged people. They feel rejuvenated with its even use.
  8. Women are able to recover the loss of blood because of menstrual cycle by using it in regular manners.

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