Herbolax Tablets

Herbolax tabletsHimalaya Herbolax tablets are very good cure for occasional constipation as well as other issues related to the bowel movements. It is in fact beneficial for the entire digestive system in one way or the other. It maintains normal bowel movements so that no problems may arise in the passage of stools. At the same time, it is not a habit forming product. Rather it is totally safe to be used by anyone.


It contains herbal ingredients such as False black pepper, Trivruth, Wild chicory, Chebulic Myrobalan, Negro coffee, Licorice, ginger and Black Nightshade.


  1. Himalaya Herbolax is an apt product for those who complain of the problem of constipation occasionally. It helps in normalizing bowel movements so that waste materials may be eradicated from the body in an easy manner.
  2. It regulates peristaltic movements.
  3. It normalizes and optimizes kidney and liver functions.
  4. It is totally safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the body.
  5. It maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance in the body so that overall body health may be ensured.

How to use?

In case of occasional constipation, you may take two tablets of Herbolax with warm water at least one hour before going to the bed. In case, there is severe case of constipation, the dose may be increased to three tablets.

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