Himcocid Suspension

himcocidAcidity, hyperacidity, gaseousness in the stomach and flatulence are all common issues that are caused due to indigestion in the stomach. Himalaya Himcocid Suspension is an apt product that aids in getting rid of all such digestive issues and hence quite useful in multiple ways. It normalizes digestive functions by way of multiple ingredients contained in this wonderful herbal formula.


It contains Varatika or Cowrie Shell ash and Indian gooseberry or amalaki. Both of these are known for their soothing and carminative effect on the stomach.


  1. It treats and prevents the problem of stomach gas, acidity, hyperacidity and other gastrointestinal issues.
  2. It paces up ulcer-healing in the stomach. At the same time, prevention of occurrence of the same is also assured.
  3. It offers effective relief from burning sensation experienced in the stomach due to gas, acidity or such other issues.
  4. It also helps in improving appetite.
  5. Gaseous distension and symptoms of dyspeptic are also relieved very well using this suspension.
  6. It aids in proper digestion of the foods consumed by the body so that problems that may arise due to indigestion may be prevented.

How to use?

Since Himalaya Himcocid Suspension is used for varying health issues related to the stomach therefore it is best to ask your physician about its dose.

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