Kaishore Guggulu

Kaishore GugguluBaidynath Kaishore Guggulu is among one of the most excellent ayurvedic products that help in promoting good health of the entire body by acting on various parts and organs. It can be equally and effectively used to get rid of multiple health problems associated with different body parts. At the same time, it is assured of its safety for the users as it has been prepared from herbal constituents only.

What are the active components?

It is rich in Triphala, Trikatu, Nishoth, Guduchi, Dantimool, Vidang, Guggulu etc.

What are the important uses?

i. Baidyanath Kaishore Guggulu is a very good remedy for different types of skin issues such as boils and leprosy.

ii. It purifies the blood and hence helps in getting rid of skin problems and at the same time prevents occurrence of the same.

iii. It offers essential nutrients to the body that are required for most optimal skin functions.

iv. It acts as an anti-ageing agent for the skin and hence retains its youthful appearance for long time.

v. Similarly, it acts as a dietary supplement for diabetic people and hence aids in controlling this condition to significant extent.

vi. Fistula which is a very painful condition related to anus can also be treated safely and naturally.

vii. It is equally good for health of the joints.

Mode of using

It is advised to take 2 tablets of Kaishore Guggulu two times in a day to treat and prevent different types of health problems.

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