Kant Lauh Bhasma

Kantlauh Bhasma

Lauh means iron in Indian language. It suggests Baidyanath Kantlauh Bhasma is rich in iron content. It is an evident fact that iron is one of the most important minerals of human body that aids in normalizing and regulation of numerous functions related to the blood as well as overall body health. It has been prepared by using magnetic iron as its chief active constituent.

What are the uses?

Baidyanath Kantlauh Bhasma is a very good agent to treat and prevent the condition of rheumatism. It is due to presence of anti-rheumatic properties that aid in getting rid various signs and symptoms of this disease.

Since Kantlauh Bhasma is rich in iron content therefore it can be used to treat the condition of anaemia. It is a natural and safe way of compensating for the deficiency of iron in the body.

It helps in management of general body weakness, tiredness and exhaustion.

It is especially useful for women who may suffer from iron deficiency due to excessive blood flow during menstruation.

Mode of administration

Generally, 125 mg of Kantlauh Bhasma is recommended to be taken with honey for common health conditions. A healthcare expert may be consulted for serious problems or other complications.

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