Himalaya Karela capsules are a wonderful gift for those who suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes. Indicated by the name, this herbal product has been prepared from karela or bitter gourd. This herb is rich in medicinal properties and hence capable of keeping a check over the level of blood sugar. It is equally beneficial for the liver as well as blood relevant disorders.

Usefulness of Karela

  1. Karela, which is an herbal product from Himalaya pharmaceuticals exhibits anti-diabetic properties. It helps in keeping a check over the level of glucose in the blood.
  2. Karela mimics the action of insulin hormone and hence converts excess of glucose or sugar into energy which in turn keeps the condition of diabetes under control.
  3. Recurrent attacks of diabetes are prevented.
  4. Functioning of liver is also normalized with the use of Karela. It also acts as a very good hepatoprotective.
  5. It also helps in detoxification and purification of the blood so as to get rid of numerous health issues caused due to toxicity of the blood.
  6. It also controls the level of cholesterol in the blood which in turn proves to be good for heart health.
  7. Psoriasis which is a skin disease is also treated very well using Karela capsules.

How to take?

Under normal circumstances, one capsule of Karela may be taken two times in a day under the guidance of your healthcare expert.

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