Kashish Bhasma

Kasheesh BhasmaBaidyanath Kasheesh Bhasma is an amazing herbal formulation that is beneficial for overall health of human body in multiple ways. It is a single product that can be used to get rid of multiple health issues. Enriched with the goodness of Kasheesh and Amla Juice, Kasheesh Bhasma is good for the respiratory system, liver, spleen, respiratory system as well as blood.

Uses of Baidyanath Kasheesh Bhasma

  1. It is a very good haematinic and hence promotes normal blood functions.
  2. It makes up for deficiency of iron in the body so as to get rid of anaemia effectively.
  3. It can be used to get rid of common cough. The respiratory pathways and the entire respiratory system are cleared of any obstructions thereby easing the breathing process.

Kasheesh Bhasma is equally good for liver health. It helps in proper treatment of liver enlargement. Similarly, spleen is also assured of its good health using this product.

  1. Certain abdominal diseases can be cured well using this herbal product.
  2. It helps in management of general body weakness that may be caused due to any reasons in an apt manner.  


Take 125 to 250 mg of Kasheesh Bhasma with milk or as per prescription of healthcare expert.

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