Kasisadi Ghrit

Using Kasis as its chief active constituent, Baidyanath Kasisadi Ghrit has been formulated to treat and prevent different types of health issues related to various body parts and organs. It is rich in multiple properties and compounds that are all helpful in promoting good health of the body in a natural way. It is assured of its safety for the users attributed to its ayurvedic nature.

Composition of Kasisadi Ghrit

Baidyanath Kasisadi Ghrit contains various ayurvedic components including Harital, Sindoor, Kasis, Manshila, Rasaut, Tutia, Ghrit, Lodhra, Karanj Seeds etc.

What are the major benefits of using Kasisadi Ghrit?

Kasisadi Ghrit is rich in antiseptic properties and hence aids in cure and prevention of certain infections.

It also acts as a very good stimulant as it stimulates the entire body for its normal and most optimal functions.

It can be used to treat ulcers in various parts or organs of the body.

Fissures of anus, piles as well as fistula all the problems can be cured in an effective and safe way.

Various skin issues including eczema, ringworms and scabies can be managed very well using this herbal remedy.

How to use?

It is advised to apply Kasisadi Ghrit on the affected parts topically to get relieved of various issues.

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