Koflet Lozenge

Koflet LozengeKoflet Lozenge is a wonderful presentation by the Himalaya herbals healthcare limited. It is a complete health care product for the respiratory system. It aids in normalizing the functions of the bronchioles and the bronchi. It is good for the immune system as well. It may be used to treat and prevent cough that may be triggered due to varying reasons.

Key ingredients

Himalaya Koflet Lozenge contains Lavanga, Trikatu and Licorice.


  1. It helps in treatment and prevention of cough.
  2. It helps in getting rid of chest congestion by opening up the blocked pathways of the respiratory system.
  3. It clears away mucus from the respiratory system. Further formation of mucous is prevented.
  4. The antimicrobial action of this wonderful herbal preparation aids in treatment and prevention of respiratory infections.
  5. It soothes down sore throat.
  6. It improves body immunity to prevent recurrent health issues related to the respiratory system due to attack of foreign elements.
  7. It is absolutely safe for the body owing to its organic origin. No harmful chemicals or other components have been used in the preparation of this product.
  8. It reduces and ultimately gets rid of the inflammation or other discomforts in the respiratory tract.

Important note- It is best to use Koflet Lozenge under the guidance of healthcare experts to ensure effective results and safety of the health.

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