kofletObviously, Koflet is a very good remedy for cough relief. It is a safe formula that helps in getting rid of cough in an effective way without causing any side-effects or ill-effects on the respiratory system or even on the overall body health. It helps in clearing away mucus from the respiratory tract so as to aid in normal breathing.


It contains natural ingredients such as honey, licorice and Holy Basil. All these components are being used since ancient times to treat and prevent the problem of cough.

How is Koflet useful?

  1. Koflet is useful and beneficial in case of both dry and productive cough.
  2. It helps in soothing down the irritation caused in the respiratory tract so as to offer great relief to the sufferer.
  3. It helps in clearing away the mucous from the respiratory pathways and the entire respiratory system.
  4. It improves overall body immunity so as to prevent recurrent attacks of cough.
  5. It is useful in case of cough induced due to inhalation of smoke or such other allergens.
  6. The inflammation in the respiratory tract caused due to constant coughing is also got ridden of in an apt manner.

How to use?

To have effective results of Koflet and that too in a safe manner, it is best to consult your healthcare physician.

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