kshudhakari_bati_largeMany a times in our life, we suffer from loss or lack of appetite. It may be due to multiple reasons such as prolonged illness, use of certain medicines or drugs, upsetting of the stomach, acidity, gaseousness or flatulence etc. Whatever the reason may be loss of appetite has an adverse and negative effect on the overall body health. To manage all such issues, Baidyanath KSHUDHAKARI BATI has been presented by the Shree Baidyanath group.


  • KSHUDHAKARI BATI acts on the stomach and soothes it down.
  • It is rich in carminative properties and hence aids in getting rid of any acidity, gas etc.
  • Any type of discomfort in the stomach may be got ridden of in an apt manner using KSHUDHAKARI BATI.
  • It is a very good appetizer and hence helps in promoting and improving appetite in a natural and safe way.
  • KSHUDHAKARI BATI is free from any side-effects owing to its herbal or ayurvedic nature. It may be used by anyone without the fear of any side-effects on any of the parts or organs.


KSHUDHAKARI BATI contains natural elements such as Akarkara, Nimbu Satwa, Suhaga, Jeera and Trikatu.


To improve appetite and enjoy good digestive health, you may take 1-2 tablets of KSHUDHAKARI BATI in a day.

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