Kukutandtvak Bhasma

Kukutandtvak BhasmaPrepared by using Kukutandtvak, Baidyanath Kukutandtvak Bhasma is an herbal formula that is equally useful for children as well as adults. It can be used in case of multiple diseases and disorders related to children, men and women. This product is totally assured of its safety owing to its purely organic and herbal nature. There are no side-effects or ill-effects using this amazing herbal remedy.

What are the components?

As stated above, Biadyanath Kukutandtvak Bhasma has been chiefly prepared from Kukutandtvak. Some other herbal constituents have also been used to get the desired product.

What are the major uses?

Kukutandtvak Bhasma helps in getting recovered from any types of health issues at faster pace owing to its alterative action.

It can be used to treat rickets in children due to anti-ricketic properties contained in this herbal formulation.

It is even useful for such men who suffer from certain seminal defects.

Night discharge or spermatorrhoea which is a common problem among large section of men population is also got ridden of in an efficient way.

It acts as an excellent tonic for the entire body and hence promotes overall body health.

Recommendable dose

People suffering from varying health issues may take 250 to 375 mg of Kukutandtvak Bhasma with honey.

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