Kutajghan Bati

Kutjaghan Bati_mediumAs the name suggests, Kutajghan Bati that has been presented by Baidyanath store, is prepared by using Kutaj bark as its chief constituting agent. It is a very good herbal formula that may be used to treat multiple health issues related to the stomach. Additionally, it has some other uses too.

What are the chief uses of Kutajghan Bati?

  • Kutajghan Bati may be used as an astringent to stop and prevent bleeding from various body parts or due to certain diseases or disorders.
  • It may even be used as an alterative so as to get recovered from illness.
  • It also exhibits amebicidal properties which help in curing health problems arising due to attack of amoeba on the body.
  • Kutajghan Bati may be used in case of dysentery and diarrhoea. It normalizes the upset stomach functions and hence improves digestion.
  • Bleeding during piles can be stopped and prevented.
  • Also complications that arise in the body due to piles are treated and prevented.


It is rich in herbal components including Ghan, Atis and Kutaj bark.

How to use Kutajghan Bati?

For varying health issues, you may take 1 to 4 pills of Kutajghan Bati with warm water.

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