Lauha Bhasma

Lauh BhasmaBaidyanath Lauh Bhasma is a wonderful herbal product to make up for deficiency of iron in the body. It is an apt product for those who complain of anaemia or general body weakness. It is rich in pure iron content which in turn aids in supporting numerous functions related to the human body. It helps in normalizing the functions of the blood which in turn proves to be health-beneficial for the entire body.

How is Baidyanath Lauh Bhasma beneficial?

Baidyanath Lauh Bhasma helps in restoring the lost functions of the blood.

  • It is a very good haematinic and hence beneficial for any types of blood disorders.
  • The condition of anaemia which is mainly caused due to deficiency of iron in the body is also cured in an efficient way. Lauh Bhasma helps in making up for low level of iron in the body.
  • It is equally useful in the treatment and prevention of various types of diseases or disorders related to the liver and spleen.
  • General body weakness which is a common problem among women as well as elderly can also be cured in an apt way.
  • It can be used to cure jaundice also.
  • Similarly, oedema can also be managed in an effective manner using this amazing product.

Mode of administration

You may take 125 mg of Lauh Bhasma with honey for best outcomes.

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