Liv.52 HB Tablets

liv.52-hbHepatitis B is an infectious condition of the liver that is caused due to viral attack on the body. It can be treated and prevented with the help of Liv52 HB tablets. This herbal formula is perfect in fighting off the infectious virus responsible for causing this health issue related to the liver. It is effective in management of hepatitis B and other common problems suffered by the liver.


It contains two chief ingredients including Nut Grass or Musta and Umbrella’s Edge or Nagaramustaka.

How is Liv52 HB useful?

  1. It helps in reducing the effect of viruses responsible for causing hepatitis B.
  2. It soothes down the inflammation caused in the liver due to anti-inflammatory action exhibited by the ingredients contained in it.
  3. It protects liver against any damage due to its hepatoprotective properties.
  4. It improves liver functions by normalizing and optimizing the same.
  5. The level of liver enzymes is normalized and regulated with the regular use of Liv52 HB under the supervision of healthcare experts.
  6. The normal level of hepatic glycogen is also restored so that liver functions may be assured of their maximum activity.
  7. It is totally safe for the liver as well as overall body health provided it is used as per prescription.

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