Liv52 Tablets

Liv52 tabletsHimalaya Liv52 tablets are helpful in taking care of the liver so as to optimize and normalize its functions. It is a perfect remedy for almost all the health issues related to the liver. It helps in supporting liver so that it may perform its functions with full capacity. In a way, it is good for the digestive system as well.

Key ingredients

It contains Arjuna, mandur Bhasma, Himsra, Kasamarda, Kasani, Biranjasipha and Jhavuka.

Benefits of using Liv52

  1. It is good for the liver health and its normal functions in all respects.
  2. It aids in proper and complete digestion of all the foods consumed by the body.
  3. It is equally good for the detoxification process. It aids in removal of harmful wastes and toxins from the body so as to protect liver against any harm caused due to presence of same in the body.
  4. It helps in regeneration of new liver cells so as to repair any damage caused to it due to any reasons.
  5. It helps in combustion of fats so that excess of fats may be removed and any harm that may be caused to the liver may be prevented in an automatic way.
  6. It paces up the metabolic activity.

How to use?

Normally 2-3 tablets of Liv52 are recommendable to be taken two times in a day following meals. It may be used as per prescription of the healthcare expert as well.

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