lukol-tabletsIndicated by the name, Himalaya Lukol is chiefly meant to treat the problem of leucorrhoea in women. It is also effective in the treatment and prevention of PID or pelvic inflammatory disease in women’s body. Presence of multiple herbal or ayurvedic components in this amazing product imparts numerous health beneficial properties to it.


As stated above, Himalaya Lukol has been prepared from herbal constituents such as Asparagus or Shatavari, Fire Flame Bush or Dhataki and Spreading Hogweed or Punarnava.


  1. It helps in elimination of the fungus responsible for causing leucorrhoea and PID in women. It helps in stoppage of the vaginal flow so as to get rid of the associated signs and symptoms as well.
  2. The analgesic properties contained in Lukol help in getting rid of any type of pain in the sexual or reproductive organs.
  3. It improves blood circulation to the uterus for its most optimal functions.
  4. It protects the mucus membrane of the genital system of women against any damage.
  5. It is quite helpful in relieving pain or inflammation caused due to PID or leucorrhoea.
  6. No harm is caused to the women’s body in any way with the use of this product. It is all attributed to ayurvedic origin of this wonderful remedy.

How to use?

The dose of lukol tablets vary as per unique physical conditions in different women.

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