Madhu Mandoor Bhasma

Madhu Mandoor BhasmaMadhu Mandoor Bhasma which is rich in reduced iron content is an apt remedy for numerous health issues related to different parts and organs of the body. It has been formulated with the efforts of the team of experts of Shree Baidyanath group. Utmost care has been taken to formulate it purely on ayurvedic principles so as to ensure safety of the users. It can be used to treat and prevent health problems related to children as well as elderly.

What are the advantages of Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma?

Madhu Mandoor Bhasma acts as a very good alterative and hence useful in redirecting the course of an illness. This in turn aids in faster recovery from any types of diseases.

It also exhibits diuretic properties that are helpful in excretion of wastes, toxins and harmful chemicals via urine.

Madhu Mandoor Bhasma is beneficial in case of anaemia too as it compensates the deficiency of iron in the body.

Rickets which is a disease related to the children can also be cured in an efficient way.

Similarly, jaundice, chlorosis and oedema can be managed in the most excellent ways using this herbal remedy.  

How to use? 

Take 125 to 750mg of Madhu Mandoor Bhasma with honey so as to get relieved of different types of health problems.

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