Madhumehari Yog

madhumehari_yog_with_gold_30_sDiabetes or high blood sugar can now be commonly found in all age groups. It is in incurable disease that needs to be controlled in the very beginning so as to prevent or avoid complications. At the same time, it is quite important to use some safe and herbal remedy for the same. In this respect, Madhumehari Yog that is an amazing presentation of the Shree Baidyanath store, is apt. It helps in controlling blood sugar in an absolutely safe manner.

How is Madhumehari Yog beneficial?

  • It helps in normalizing the secretion of insulin hormone from the pancreatic beta cells.
  • As the name suggests, Baidyanath Madhumehari Yog is chiefly used to control high level of blood sugar.
  • The insulin hormone is stimulated to carry out its functions in an apt manner. As a result, the excess of blood sugar is converted into energy which in turn controls high blood sugar automatically.
  • It relieves all the signs and symptoms of diabetes.
  • It is equally effective in case of both diabetes mellitus and diabetes Insipid us.

Major ingredients

  • Madhumehari Yog contains following active elements.
  • Jamun seed
  • Shilajeet
  • Swarna Bhasma
  • Gurmar
  • Trivang Bhasma
  • Opium

How to use?

Generally, 2 tablets of this herbal product are recommendable for diabetic patients. Consult a healthcare physician to decide about the dose for better results.

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