Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadyarishta is one of those ayurvedic products or medicines that help in improving the overall health of the skin in a totally safe and natural way. It is purely based on ayurvedic principles and hence free from any types of side-effects on the skin or on the body in general. It may be used by anyone to get rid of various skin issues.

Chief components of Mahamanjishthadyarishta

This wonderful product has been prepared by using natural elements such as Elwa, Deodar, Ela, Clove, Khus, Supari, Chandan,Jirak, Jaggery, Babool, Ber, Lodha, Marichjatamansi, Kachur, Motha, Saunf etc.

What are the chief uses of Mahamanjishthadyarishta?

  • Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadyarishta is a very good product for skin problems.
  • It helps in getting rid of minor as well as major skin issues.
  • It aids in treatment and prevention of different types of skin diseases.
  • It purifies the blood so as to keep various skin issues at bay.
  • It helps in treatment of scrofula successfully.
  • Similarly, boils may be treated in an effective manner.
  • It can be equally used in case of fever. It helps in bringing down the body temperature to relieve various signs and symptoms of fever.

How to use?

The dose of Mahamanjishthadyarishta may vary as per unique physical requirements.


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